Repurposing and Recycling specialists for commercial fit-out and refurbishment industry.

Revert Group provides circular economy solutions that extend inventory and material life cycles for commercial and refurbishment projects. We help the Construction and Demolition industry manage “waste” through waste-to-product solutions by implementing our Recycled Pathway Strategy for each project, integrating our 3R principles of Recycle, Redivert, and Revert.


We provide better solutions that redivert “waste” from landfill.

It begins with Revert working with our clients to learn more about the specific project needs and requirements at the project planning stage to adapt and implement a Recycled Pathway Strategy.

Our strategy unlocks and transforms the “waste” elements from site inventory and materials through sustainable manufacturing methods, to bring “waste” back to life in the form of new materials and in new products which can be used for future projects.

Our Reporting Dashboard details the impacts of our 3R principles and your Recycling Pathway Strategy closing the loop on where materials have been recycled, re-diverted, or reverted.

Who we work with.

  • Asset owners.
  • Client project managers.
  • Commercial landlords and tenants.
  • Consultants and designers.
  • Demolition and strip-out contractors.
  • Head contractors in the construction, fit-out, and refurbishment industry.
  • Sustainability consultants and advocates.
  • Universities and government agencies.

Accreditations, Memberships & Partnerships