To reduce landfill, it’s beneficial to start at the pre-planning and pre-construction phase of a project.

Consult with Revert Group and work together to design a sustainable waste-to-product solution; using our 3R’s principles.



Converting waste materials into new materials.



Partnering with charitable organisations, suppliers and organisations that benefit from repurposed inventory for re-use.



Unlock the material attributes transforming them into new materials, raw materials, and filaments.

We offer consultation services at the pre-construction phase of projects creating a transparent Recycling Pathway Strategy, specific to each project.

Our Recycling Pathway Strategy enables the Revert team to collaborate with our Clients to determine the best-fit waste solutions, diverting project waste away from landfill by redirecting architectural materials back into the new project or industry to further unlock the material value.

Consult with Revert Group to help create a Recycling Pathway Strategy for your project.

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