Particleboard recycling

Our recent partnership with Redirect enables Revert to provide solutions for particleboard waste from workstations, joinery and furniture that is destined for landfill, especially in the commercial tenancy sector.

We are able to fully recycle particleboard workstations, joinery carcasses, and other particleboard materials from the demolition and strip-out sectors. These materials are returned to our facility for grading and sent for re-milling reverting the material into architectural board materials and products.

We can provide 660 Ltr and particleboard hook lift skip bin services to collect your particleboard material products

– Commercial office workstation desks & tops

– Laminated Benchtops with particleboard substrate

-Carcasses and joinery doors


-Yellow & red tongue flooring

– Timber Veneer Board

– Lacquered or Painted Boards

– Foil or Vinyl Wrapped Materials

– MDF Materials & Substrates

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