ACP “Aluminium Composite Panel”

Despite ACP materials being manufactured from Aluminium, due to the composite nature of the manufacturing process and inner core material, traditionally ACP have been destined for land fill, up until now!

Revert’s collaboration and partnership with PanelCycle has ensured there is a shift in this process utilising PanelCycle unique sustainable approach converting and fully separating this material achieving 100% recycling outcome. Detailed reporting and certifications provided ensuring the process is tracked with a complete circular solution outcomes.

Revert in conjunction with PanelCycle can assist with site load out, skips, palletising and logistics especially due to the complex nature and logistical challenges for these projects.

PanelCycle are innovators in this sector working closely with government and private agencies to develop sustainable project specific outcomes especially with increased replacement volumes projected over the next  5-7 years due to combustible cladding replacement projects.



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